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Microsoft Office 365

Microsoft Office has over 1.5 billion users across the world. This software platform is the number one business suite in existence. Since Microsoft business software is the number one business programs in the world, many businesses are utilising their features and benefits. Keep reading to discover why Microsoft Office has a lot of advantages to add to your organisation.

Microsoft Office 365 has the Right Programs for your Work Environment

Regardless of your field or your purpose, Microsoft Office is a practical software suite that provides PowerApps. These PowerApps can be used for businesses, schools, journalism, research, analytics, medical field, engineering, computer developers and marketers. There many different suites that make up Office and this is one reason why the software is versatile, beneficial and very productive

What Software Programs are Included in Microsoft Office?

Microsoft Office is sold in different ways. Businesses can purchase a business version of Microsoft Office. Office 365 is a subscription service program that can be downloaded and paid with a reoccurring monthly fee. Office 2019 is a one-time purchase of Office. Once you purchase this suite you can download it directly to your computer or mobile device. Professional and Professional Plus are available.

Microsoft Office suites offer Word, Excel, and PowerPoint. With different subscription plans, you can receive Outlook, Access and Publisher. Skype for Business is also sold. However, it is only available on the Office Professional Plus package.

Benefits of Working in the Cloud

Microsoft Office suites are not cloud-based programs. They are a Software as a Service (SaaS). This means that users must access them through an internet browser. However, people who download the programs will have them stored on their computer. Accessing the cloud through Microsoft Office must be done through the One Drive program. It was made to give users access to the Cloud. Once a business has access to the cloud, they will be able to utilise free storage, simplify information, implement collaboration team efforts and connect privately with social networks.

Familiarity with Microsoft Tools

Many people are familiar with Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook and OneNote. These programs are not complex, and they are practical for everyday use.

Create and Share Anywhere, Anytime

One Note cloud services make it easy to share projects, important information and sensitive material.

Collaborative Working

Multiple employees can use the power of collaboration to work on and edit the same file and work together completing a project or reaching a company goal.

Power BI to Create Visual Reports, Instant Updates

Power BI is a business analytics service. The point of this service is to help organisations to be able to access their business data from one location. It’s used for manufacturing reports and other important datasheets.

PowerApps to Make Specific Apps that can Link to SharePoint

Microsoft Office also gives organisations the ability to make in house apps that can be connected through SharePoint for employees to use within the enterprise.

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