Keep down your your phone bills with Greenpoint's Cloud Phone network

Move to our network for low cost calls to any network anytime of the day in any part of the world. See below indicative call costs.

UK call charges

# UK Landline Pence per minute (ex VAT)
1 Landline 01, 02, 03 1p
2 0800 Free
3 084x, 087x, 09x 2.5p
# UK Mobiles Pence per minute (ex VAT)
1 Orange 9p
2 O2 9p
3 T Mobile 9p
4 Vodafone 9p
5 EE 9p
6 Three 9p
7 Others 20p

International call charges

# Country Pence per minute (ex VAT)
1 Argentina 2.88p
2 Austria 2.40p
3 Australia 2.88p
4 Belgium 1.84p
5 Brazil 2.60p
6 China 2.33p
7 Croatia 5.73p
8 Cyprus 2.51p
9 Denmark 2.04p
10 France 1.38p
11 Germany 1.56p
12 Greece 2.42p
13 India 2.00p*
14 Ireland 1.30p
15 Italy 1.30p
16 Jamaica 12.00p

International call charges continued

# Country Pence per minute (ex VAT)
1 Japan 4.00p
2 Korea (S) 4.64p
3 Netherlands 2.42p
4 Mexico 1.30p
5 New Zealand 3.20p
6 Norway 1.30p
7 Pakistan 12.80p
8 Poland 2.56p
9 Portugal 1.30p
10 Russia 1.50p*
11 South Africa 4.50p
12 Spain 1.30p
13 Sweden 1.30p
14 Switzerland 1.90p
15 Turkey 4.80p
16 USA 1.30p


Greenpoint are industry recognised and accredited by some of the biggest organisations in the industry. You can truly depend on us to help!


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