About Greenpoint Computer Services

Greenpoint Computer Services were formed in 1999 and focused entirely on the provision of IT Support and IT Services. Greenpoint provides a professional service to companies throughout the UK.

Our Mission:

At Greenpoint, we are here to ensure that your IT Infrastructure runs as smoothly as possible by providing a proactive approach to IT support. We believe IT doesn't need to be complicated and the success of any IT department is based on relationships. Our goal is to be your trusted advisor.

When our customers have an issue, we will stop at nothing until your systems are up and running. Running your business has plenty of challenges and you shouldn’t have to worry about your IT Infrastructure.

Greenpoint provides a range of tailored professional services that cover everything from basic IT Support, Network Security, Project Management, Cloud Hosted Solutions and Infrastructure Services, delivered by our team of Microsoft qualified engineers. By partnering with Greenpoint your IT is in safe hands.

Almost every business has some sort of reliance on IT today. The costs to manage IT systems in-house can be expensive and the skill sets exhaustive. For many businesses, this is just not financially economical, couple that with the expertise needed, impractical.

By working closely with Greenpoint, we can help you through the minefield of IT and provide you honest, cost-effective solutions without all the headaches. We will help you to understand IT and what you need to succeed. Time and again our customers have seen the benefits of outsourcing IT and using us as their in-house IT department.

If you would like to find out more about us, call today on 01252 544788.


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