About Greenpoint Computer Services

Founded in 1999 and focused entirely on the provision of Managed IT Services. Greenpoint a professional service to companies throughout the UK.

Our Mission:

At Greenpoint we are here to ensure that your IT infrastructure runs as smoothly as possible leaving our customers to get on with what they do best.

When our customers have an issue, we will stop at nothing until your systems are up and running. Running your business has plenty of challenges and you shouldn’t have to worry about your IT Infrastructure.

We provide everything your business will require from Cloud Backup to Pc’s. Whether it be Basic IT Support, Helpdesk, Project Management or Infrastructure Services. We pride ourselves on our personal approach, each customer is unique and no one size fits all in today’s modern world.

We pride ourselves on outstanding customer service keeping your technology up and running. By partnering with Greenpoint your IT is in safe hands.

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Almost every business has some sort of reliance on IT systems, so do the issues that surround compliance, support and servicing forward planning. The costs to manage these systems in house can be expensive and the skill sets exhaustive. For many business’s, this is just not financially economical and couple that with the expertise needed, impractical.

Greenpoint can help. We provide a range of tailored professional services that cover basic IT Support delivered by our team of Microsoft qualified professionals, Project Management, Cloud, Managed Services and Infrastructure Services.

Not only will this save a business money in the long term, it also takes away the headaches that come with the demands IT places on them. It will also provide peace of mind for you so you rest easy knowing that every aspect of your IT needs are professionally covered.