Business Applications

At the heart of enterprise software strategy are the key business applications upon which every organisation relies. From enterprise resource planning (ERP) to customer relationship management (CRM), financial and accounts software to business intelligence (BI), such applications demand high investments and can deliver high returns. We analyse the latest product developments and the news from major suppliers such as Oracle, Microsoft and SAP.

Microsoft Office Products

Microsoft Office, also known as MS Office, is a popular software suite featuring many desktop publishing programs. It comes with everything that may come into use in a classic office setting, hence the name. Computer users have the option of several different Microsoft Office suites intended for students, home users, small businesses and corporations. What you choose depends on your own circumstances.

Microsoft - Universal Software

Unlike some other kinds of software, Microsoft Office is the industry standard when it comes to desktop publishing. Whenever a document is required, it is always required in the Microsoft Word format with very few exceptions. In order to stay current with industry trends, MS Office is a must.

Complete Software Suite

Microsoft Office comes with many different kinds of software, all of which help with desktop publishing. If you are looking to write a letter to a client, Microsoft Word is the right software to use. You could employ Microsoft Publisher to help create a business brochure, or you could use MS Excel for your client database. This software suite has everything you need for running your business.

Most Businesses Microsoft Applications

Nearly any type of business can find a use for the Microsoft Office suite of software programs. For instance, a pet groomer could use MS Publisher to create fliers and other advertisements to post around town. Corporations can use MS Word for internal memos and publications. Since so many different kinds of people and companies find use of this software, it has become a popular list of programs.

Ease of Use with Microsoft

MS Office is well known for being easy to use. Each program comes with helpful features so you can achieve nearly any goal. You can do anything you can imagine with this software, both for personal and business use. They also have extensive help files built into the programs if you get stuck.

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