IT and Cyber Security

Where do you start? Endpoint, firewall, MFA….this list is endless and that why we look at multifaceted solutions to this key area of your IT. We are Microsoft Silver and Watchguard gold partners, so we know a thing or 2 about cyber security.


Staying Safe on the Web

Cyber security in today’s environment has become the No. 1 priority of business and government organisations alike. Cyber attacks have increased dramatically in depth and complexity the past several years. Cyber criminals continue to make attempts to exploit vulnerabilities within networks either for personal gain or to advance a political cause. Efforts are being made to improve security software on a regular basis to prevent data breaches.


Security Focused

The focus of security in the cyber realm is to develop a strategy that encourage best practices to ensure that networks are protected and secure from all forms of cyber threats. While networks can be secure, they are not foolproof. Sometimes the greatest weakness in a system are its users if they lack the training. Statistically speaking, over 30% of phishing emails are opened, which results in the theft of end users’ private and sensitive information.

Antivirus and firewall solutions, as well as good security practices help to keep your network resources safe. It is incumbent on the individual organisations to coordinate with the staff or service that manages their IT services to ensure that users are intricately familiar with network policies while simultaneously enforcing them to maintain compliance.

Viruses, malware, and insider threats continue to be persistent problems due to their ability to exploit vulnerabilities within a network enterprise. Oftentimes resources are committed by organisations to devote time to correcting these problems in a timely manner, resulting in millions of dollars in damages, loss of business revenue of your company’s most valuable customer.


Cyber Security with Greenpoint.

Looking for a trusted consultant in regards to your network’s security? Greenpoint serves as a leading cyber security consultant in helping your IT staff develop a security strategy to ensure that your enterprise remains secure and protected. We will examine your internal policies and documentation as well as your hardware and software equipment. Common recommendations that we give include updating your antivirus protection and firewall software, reviewing internal policies in regards to use of enterprise resources and so on. We will work with you and give the best advice we can on how you can improve your organisational security while reducing cyber threats within reasonable cost. You will then have all the information you will need to make the hard decisions about what hardware and software to use as well as the training required to reduce the risk becoming another victim of a cyber attack.

Are you ready to tighten up security?