Microsoft SharePoint

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What Exactly Is Microsoft SharePoint?

Microsoft SharePoint is a platform that endorses teamwork and collaborative efforts among employees within a business. This platform was created in 2001 and is a standalone cloud-based software platform. However, many enterprises use it with Office 365. The key benefits of this platform will be listed below to help you to understand how SharePoint can enhance your business.


The Platform that Eliminates Email Documentation Editing

An enterprise can use this software and not have to send email documents back and forth between employees. In the past, constantly sending emails with attachments were the only way to efficiently (digitally) collaborate with document editing. Collaboration in the past was time-consuming.

Users eliminate this problem by providing links to employees. These links connect to the original documents stored in the cloud. Employees can simply link to these forms or even sign into SharePoint to edit them. The use of sending email documents back and forth is no longer


Paperless Offices is Possible with this Technology

Many businesses want to have paperless offices. While a 100% paper-free office is not realistic, enterprises can have minimal paper usage with this application. Remember that this platform is cloud-based. Since it is, this allows a company’s documents to be stored offsite. A business will not have to keep a bunch of paper files in their office. This will reduce the amount of paper they use and it will help to keep information more organised and secure.


Users can Update Documents at the Same Time

Workers can all access the same documents and edit them at the same time. This form of collaboration is easy. Workers now have more time accessing the same forms without wasting time. They no longer have to wait for their colleagues to finish a certain part of a document. Also, they can finish a section of a document or project on their own. This platform provides flexibility and can be adapted to fit worker needs and to fulfil office projects.

Microsoft Office suites offer Word, Excel, and PowerPoint. With different subscription plans, you can receive Outlook, Access and Publisher. Skype for Business is also sold. However, it is only available on the Office Professional Plus package.


Control Content and Customisation for your Organisation

Customising this platform is possible and necessary for organisations. It will allow them to redesign their intranet to access the cloud and it can also be tailored for project management solutions. Having a customised platform is very important for businesses that need the cloud as a part of their operations.


The Easy Platform to Learn and Use

This platform has a design that similar to the Microsoft Office products that billions of people are already familiar with. People that have used Word, Excel and PowerPoint will notice the same basic setup. While the operating system doesn’t have all these features they do have some similar functions and features.


This Platform Provides a Great Way to Backup Data

When you have to backup information, this platform is a practical tool for this function. Businesses can save valuable files and personal information by using the available reserve features.


Collaborative Working

Multiple employees can use the power of collaboration to work on and edit the same file and work together completing a project or reaching a company goal.

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