Microsoft Enterprise Mobility Security

Safely using mobile devices in business.


What Is Microsoft EMS?

The average enterprise, corporation, or government organisation may have thousands of mobile devices connected to its network which in turn poses a serious cybersecurity challenge for the IT department. What is needed is a cybersecurity software solution to accurately track, authenticate, and protect the firm’s networks while maintaining the mobility of the workforce. This cybersecurity solution is Microsoft EMS or Enterprise Mobile Security + Security Documentation.

Specifically, the Microsoft EMS consists of a cybersecurity software suite of four separate components. Each of the components is designed to provide 24/7 mobile protection for your employee’s many mobile devices. Whether your organisation is local, regional, national, or international Microsoft’s EMS is constantly protecting each mobile device. The four components are Azure Active Directory Premium, Microsoft Intune, Azure Rights Management, and Microsoft Advanced Threat Analytics.


How does EMS’s Active Directory Integrate Mobile Device Protection?

First, Azure Active Directory Premium provides a Single sign-on for the company’s cloud and on the company’s premises. Second, AADP grants conditional access based on the configuration of access protocols. Finally, AADP provides Multi-factor authentication and self-service password reset (SSPR) which includes a variety of authentication methods used to verify the identity of end-users. Examples of Multi-factor authentication can include:

Strong passwords Single sign-on
Microsoft authenticator app
SMS (text messages)
Voice call
Email address and so on

Additional authentications methods can also include OATH hardware tokens, security questions, and App passwords.


How does EMS’s Intune Secure Mobility for your Enterprise?

This part of MS EMS suite secures your mobile devices by encrypting, identifying, and authenticating files and email across the entire enterprise. Azure (RMS) also integrates with Office 365 to apply encryption to those files as well. Other PC applications can also be integrated with Azure RMS such as PDF and CAD. Additionally, Azure RMS also blocks terminated employees from accessing the network files from mobile devices or USB sticks.


How does Microsoft Advanced Threat Analytics Secure the Network?

The Microsoft Advanced Threat Analytics further secures your enterprise network by using the latest in Artificial Intelligence and machine learning technologies in real-time. Not only does the AI alert for known risks, but also uses big-data analysis for suspicious behavior and the detection of malicious attacks.

Similarly, the software logs every access request, document, location, device and user everywhere within the organisation worldwide. And, also uses machine learning to continuously improve itself. In fact, the entire cyber security suite, EMS, is highly regarded by Garner as a leader in five Magic Garner Quadrants.

Microsoft EMS suite of products is designed to work with mobile end-users of any size enterprise. In fact, for faster adoption training modules are also available for end-users and IT personnel alike.

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