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Microsoft Office 365 Migration

In the past, business owners had a difficult time integrating collaboration software for their Microsoft Office suite. To do so would take a certified, technically inclined person. There was a long process to integrate the necessary software for collaboration. Today, with Microsoft Office 365 migration, the process is much less complicated.


Active Licensing for Office 365 Migration

It has never been easier to assign and activate the licensing for Office 365. Depending on the plan your office is using, the P plan or the E plan will determine how you allocate and activate licenses in 365. To add licensing for a user, you will need to go into the user tab.

When you open the users’ tab, you will have options to add a new user. To do so, select a new user from the ribbon. Once clicked or tapped, the new user wizard will pop up. The wizard will walk you through the steps to create and add users. The wizard will prompt you to complete necessary information about the user, such as their first and last names. Also, you will be able to assign permissions to the new users. Consent might be to provide them with administration duties.


Migrating Mailbox Data to Office 365

One of the best things about Office 365 is that you get to migrate the new users into the email exchange system. To do so, you will need to click or tap on the email migration page. It is accessible under the online exchange link. Once you click or tap the online exchange link, you will need to click or tap manage. After reaching the manage page, you will want to click or tap the link for email migration.

When you have reached the manage page, you will want to click or tap the new migration link. Once you reach the new migration page, the migration wizard will pop up. There are two ways to enter information into the migration wizard. The migration wizard will automatically populate if you are trying to integrate from Office 2007 or later. But, if you are trying to integrate from Office 2003 or an IMAP, you will need to enter the information into the wizard manually.

Regardless if you are integrating user information manually or automatically, the migration wizard will walk you through the steps. It has never been easier to migrate Microsoft Office. The MS Office 365 allows administrators and users to migrate the cloud storage easy and effectively.

With the advent of Office 365, users can utilise cloud storage, collaborate on projects, and much more. There has never been a better time than now to begin a new business. These owners want the enterprise edition of Office 365. The enterprise edition will have all the tools mentioned above and wizards to assist business owners and operators in creating and integrating new users. That is true for adding existing employees of the company and adding any employees hired after initial integration. If you operate a company, you will need to have collaborators. Make it easier with enterprise Office 365.

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