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Five Things to Know About Microsoft Power Platform

Microsoft is more than operating systems and Office products. It also gives developers a platform to build and distribute apps as well as analyse their output. The way it is done is through the Power Platform.

The all-in-one package gives programmers a place to not only create applications but store the data they produce via a Common Data Service. For a better idea on everything involved, here are five things to know about the Microsoft Power Platform.


1. End-to-end Business Solutions

The platform combines several developments and analysis apps that form an end-to-end solution. The most well-known of these is Power BI. Once the apps are completed and distributed, Power BI provides interactive business analysis on them. Through customisable templates, developers and their managers have the capability to design reports that fit their needs.


2. Apps can be Automated

With the platform’s Microsoft Flow tools, both old and new apps can be automated to increase productivity. With a series of workflows, users connect different applications together to run reports or other procedures. When done, Microsoft Flow executes them on a schedule. Or, if needed, a one-time setup.


3. Internal Links with Other Microsoft Products

The Power Platform doesn’t work in a vacuum. Like other Microsoft applications, it links with productivity tools. Therefore, programs created in PowerApps can send data to 365 Dynamics or be embedded within the 365 Access database. The output of Microsoft Flow workflows can be fed to Outlook, Excel, or Word.


4. Easy-to-Create Apps via Templates

You do not have to be a certified developer to create an app. The PowerApps tool is for skilled and non-technical individuals. It uses templates that permit creators to drag-and-drop their desires into a program. When done, PowerApps compiles it into a finished product for QA and eventual production release.


5. Data is Securely Stored Within the Platform

While backing up the data you generate is essential, you don’t have to send it off to another program. Within the Microsoft platform is the Common Data Service (CDS). Like a database, the CDS retains the needed information as entities to be replaced or retrieved by other apps within the platform. The information stored can only be seen by those who are granted the required access.

In addition, the CDS can be used with other Microsoft applications. For instance, an Excel add-on grants access to the Common Data Service to retrieve data. It can also be integrated with the 365 Dynamics Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) tool to keep track of sales and other items.

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