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What Is Cyber & IT Security Consultancy?

The days of purchasing a single software program to protect your business from cyber-attacks are long gone for medium and large enterprises. Today’s information security depends on professional cybersecurity consultants, the cloud, and the latest in network security solutions. In fact, several security strategies are employed to create a secure architecture across your data systems, networks and applications.


Basic Secure Architecture Vs Ultra Secure Architecture

A basic secure architecture only has two layers of firewalls to protect the web and data server from cybercriminals prowling the Internet. The intruder only needs to override the web server’s firewall to have access to web applications. Additionally, since web applications use well-known transfer control protocol (TCP) and user datagram protocol (UDP) ports for Internet communication, an attacker needs only to compromise one of these ports to gain access to the rest of your network. So, for greater data protection, you should obtain an Internet security consultancy to upgrade from basic architecture to an ultra-secure architecture.

Most importantly, an Ultra-Secure Network Architecture reduces the risk to your business continuity from cyber-attacks. This is accomplished by using multiple layers of applications, network firewalls, and servers in the demilitarized zone (DMZ). One DMZ is available to the public while the other is private. As a result, the application-based attacks will not work on the public DMZ servers which provide greater security for your entire network. Greater security is also provided because of:

  • The use of two internal LANS
    • One LAN for employee-accessible servers and systems
    • Private LAN for encrypted sensitive data such as CC numbers, check images & so on.
  • The use of default TCP/UDP ports such as HTTP and HTTPS for the public DMZ
  • The use of non-standard TCP/UDP ports for the private DMZ

Although the Ultra-Secure Network Architecture is more secure than the basic architecture, constant vigilance and surveillance are still necessary to provide total data security and protection.


Business Continuity Solutions Created for your Business Specific Needs?

Similarly, a data security consultancy should assist your IT department’s security by providing these services. For instance, the information security firm should perform cybersecurity audits and health checks on a daily, weekly or monthly schedule. Data security reports should be constantly analysed for potential data breaches and attacks.

Additionally, data risk assessment and risk management policies should be updated and communicated to the entire firm also on a scheduled basis. Everyone in the firm should participate in providing data security–not just the IT department

In conclusion, upgrading from a basic security network architecture to an Ultra-Secure Network Architecture will drastically improve the data security of your networks. The upgrade will also assist in the compliance of data security standards such as the Sarbanes-Oxley (SOX), the Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act (GLBA) VISA Cardholder Information Security Program (CISP) and Payment Card Industry (PCI) security standards, Federal Information System Management Act (FISMA) and so on. Likewise, the Greenpoint consultancy will also protect your business and customers’ data. We will provide the maximum level of cybersecurity that fits well within your budget.

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