IT Tendering & Procurement

Warranty, returns, replacements and supply can be a time consuming process. We have buying power and can help you to simplyfy the process of hardware and software purchases


What Is IT Tendering?

Looking for a trusted consultant in regards to your network’s security? Greenpoint serves as a leading cyber security consultant in helping your IT staff develop a security strategy to ensure that your enterprise remains secure and protected. We will examine your internal policies and documentation as well as your hardware and software equipment. Common recommendations that we give include updating your antivirus protection and firewall software, reviewing internal policies in regards to use of enterprise resources and so on. We will work with you and give the best advice we can on how you can improve your organisational security while reducing cyber threats within reasonable cost. You will then have all the information you will need to make the hard decisions about what hardware and software to use as well as the training required to reduce the risk becoming another victim of a cyber attack.


What Is IT Procurement?

IT procurement is the process organisation implement to gain information technology-related solutions or tools. The process can be applied for hardware procurement, software licenses, and other IT tools. Often the process of IT procurement comprises a series of related tasks and activities. Organisations often create one task that encompasses the entire IT procurement process and uses robust software tools to help manage these tasks. The software tools used to manage the IT procurement process provide workflows, planning tools, and generally a suite of tools for inventory management, quality control, and communication with potential vendors.


Why use an IT company for this rather than organising it all yourself?

The tendering and procurement processes are complex and time-consuming. Most organisations do not have a team of staff members that are dedicated to tendering and procurement, which means from a human resource standpoint, this can be expensive. The reason the procurement and bidding process is complex to ensure the best vendors are selected.

Communication channels must be maintained with vendor information. Workflow management is another critical part of the procurement and tendering process, as it ensures all tasks are progressing on schedule while addressing any errors or issues. Asset management of resources and their availability is another pillar of the tender and procurement process; this is especially the case for companies that depend on inventory and other asset availability to function.

The procurement and tendering process for hardware procurement, various licenses, and all things IT related require experience, efficiency, and accuracy to be successful. Without a team of professionals dedicated to this process, organisations risk making costly mistakes. With so many dynamic processes and tasks, it may be in your company’s interest to consider higher an IT company that specialises in information technology tendering and procurement.

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