Unified Communications

Allowing Businesses To Communicate


What Is Unified Comms?

This is where systems like SIP and VoIP come in to save the day by creating a universal platform of communication for your business or operation to run off of; think of it as a way to eliminate confusion. Instead of using the traditional PSTN network for using phone calls, unified communication uses IP to send packets; you are using the internet to make phone calls, video calls and conference calls in a more direct format.


Constantly Changing for the Better With Unified Communication

Your company can benefit from using a unified communication network as a means of communication. In today’s world, there are so many different ways to communicate with each other which has also created a paradox of miscommunication. For example, say you sent a message to someone over SMS, but it was intended to arrive over a more international form of communication. Here is where unified communication comes in.


What Are the Technical & Financial Benefits of Unified Communication?

Besides the obvious benefits like better communication and a more simplified network, here are a few other benefits of unified communication:

  • Improve productivity and efficiency
  • Collaborate on documents in real-time
  • Hold call, video conferences, instant messaging, email, etc with multiple staff members

If you feel like your telephony configuration is lacking–it just might be. Using leased lines to improve communication could end up saving you money and time in the long run. Leased lines are the answer to saving data effectively for the life of the data.
Greenpoint is there to help you make your current setup ideal. There are factors in your business that you may have not considered like storing data and saving every interaction. This is one of the best parts about using a service; this is a system that makes the day to day easier. If you want a healthy protein shake with all of the goods then why not buy a blender? Cutting up the information, organising and using it to make you better is to collaborate with a service that helps you with your unified communication solutions.


Greenpoint Can Help You Set it All Up

Greenpoint can set you up with a unified communications plan that will solve all of the little problems in your current program by working with you and your entire company for the best possible outcomes and benefits.


Is your business ready to communicate?