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Microsoft Teams and Team Collaboration

When working on a business application, organisations need a way to communicate with team members and have efficient collaboration at all times. Microsoft Teams, which is part of the Office 365 software package, is a chat-based workspace for groups of individuals who share a common business goal or interest.


Team Channels and Communication

Organisation leaders can divide their general business app conversations into specific team channels that are designed for certain project topics, projects and practices. Leaders can also assign specific team members to these channels if the leaders do not find it necessary for some team members to participate in a particular channel. Additionally, channel leaders, as moderators, can grant certain permissions to each team member, which includes whether some members can respond to existing channel messages or post a new message or whether some members can have moderator abilities.

Project leaders can integrate apps, connectors and bots into these channels so that they can automate workflow management and ensure that team members are using the channels for their intended purposes. Leaders can use these tools to assign tasks to team members and plan project events. The integrated services can also display each event on an open calendar so that team members can view it and keep the project development on schedule.

Through Teams, project leaders can initiate conference calls or video calls without the need for extra hardware or software, such as a microphone or a webcam. Leaders can set up meeting dates and times and determine who will be participating in a distinct meeting. Team members can also directly message each other or share messages with an audience of members about a particular project topic.


File Sharing

Team members can share documents that are from any Office 365 software application, such as Word, Excel, OneNote and PowerPoint because Teams is part of the software collection. Members can upload, view and edit files as they see fit so that the whole team can stay focused on project development and manage all documents. Members can also access files in individual team channels so that they can organise related documents in one place with ease.

Teams allow real-time collaboration between work colleagues who are editing a document because the service automatically synchronises every file. Team members can edit files online because the Office 365 software package is available online, so members can work with each other, make comments about each other’s work and collaborate with each other. Team members can also access each file’s version history to see the modifications that are made by another member.



Microsoft Teams is available as a desktop application, a mobile app and as a browser extension. This distribution factor allows teams to interact with the project development process at virtually any time whether they are in an office, at home or travelling. The Teams application is a communication hub that Microsoft specially designed for organisations that are working to create and implement a shared business goal.

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