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Microsoft 365

Microsoft 365 is an office suite or collection of office styled programs that are used to perform business functions in the workplace. This office suite is also used within the education field and for consumer’s personal use. Microsoft 365 official name is Office 365. Here is a breakdown of the benefits that this program provides for users.

Microsoft Office 365 Features

Microsoft 365 Office provides standard business programs such as Word, PowerPoint, Excel and Publisher. Each program allows workers to perform basic business functions such as writing letters, creating grafts, developing advertising campaigns and putting on a presentation. Microsoft 365 allows for collaboration with employees through emails, office apps, programs and documents. The cloud storage features and internet connectivity allows this to happen. Microsoft operators even have 24/7 IT support in case they run into problems. There are also great security features included in this suite that protects sensitive information and data.


Microsoft 365 is sold in a downloadable service (for your network) and an internet-based service that is accessed online. The internet version of 365 allows users to get the OneDrive feature. This feature allows businesses (and individual workers) to create different channels for their colleagues and for people who share a common interest. Users also have the ability to file and share their photos in a secure place on the internet. Then they can access their data when they need to retrieve it. Workers can even collaborate to work on one project at the same time. There is an app version of the program that can be used with the OneDrive online.


SharePoint is another feature provided by Microsoft 365. This program is a document management and storage system. It is available through 365 downloadable programs or the version and you can use it over the internet. Collaboration is another perk that is offered through this software platform. You can create various document libraries, video libraries and even lists when you utilise the features of SharePoint.

Solutions that help your Business to Function Smoothly and Efficiently

Microsoft 365 solutions are important for any business operation regardless of its size or type. This office suite will help you to keep information organised and to complete routine tasks. It will also help your organisation to stay on track with various projects and important business functions. This office suite can be downloaded and used on your business network or it can be accessed from the internet. Both versions provide business solutions that will help you to remain competitive, on-task and profitable.

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